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Ambler, PA

A variety of Ambler PA real estate is available for sale and is an attractive option for individuals relocating to this borough outside of Philadelphia. Ambler PA homes afford new arrivals the convenience of commuting from this bedroom community to their jobs in the city. While looking for Ambler homes for sale, prospective buyers get the chances to investigate other aspects of this Pennsylvania town. Ambler is located only 16 miles north of Philadelphia, making it an attractive bedroom community.

History of Ambler

Ambler real estate is considered a good buy in the face of a recovering housing market. The community began as the Village of Wissahickon, named for a local Native American tribe, and it was an early railroad depot during the 1800s. Many early settlers to this region were Italian immigrants, and this cultural influence is still evident today. interested visitors can find more information on the Ambler Historical Society website.

Attractions and Activities in Ambler Many Ambler properties are located close to different local points of interest and landmarks. Along with real estate in Ambler, favorite landmarks in the area include the Amy B. Yerkes Museum, the Belfield Farm and Mansion and the Craven Hall Historical Society. More details are listed on the Ambler Activities web page.

Events in Ambler

In addition to homes for sale in Ambler, new residents can find plenty of things to do in this community. Favorite local events include the Ambler First Friday Art Walk, the Ambler Main Street fair and the Ambler Restaurant Week. Each potential Ambler home buyer can find out more by visiting the Ambler Main Street Events website.

Ambler Parks and Recreation

The local parks and recreation department in Ambler has a range of activities and outdoor events for various age groups. Some popular ones include family movie nights, youth recreational sports leagues and diverse volunteer opportunities throughout each year. Event calendars and further details are available on the Borough of Ambler website.

An Ambler Real Estate Agent can be an excellent source of information about current local properties listed for sale. Each Ambler realtor typically has his or her own website with pages dedicated to the properties available. Prospective residents can often view photos or even take virtual tours of homes that interest them. To get started, each buyer is encouraged to contact at least one real estate agent with the specifics about the types of Ambler properties that fit within certain price ranges.

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