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Flourtown, PA

Flourtown, PA real estate is a promising housing market for individuals relocating to this section of Pennsylvania. The town is located in Springfield Township and in Montgomery County. Flourtown is bordered by four other communities in the southeastern part of the state: Erdenheim, Oreland, Whitemarsh and Chestnut Hill. A good number of Flourtown PA homes are listed at economic prices for good quality property.  

History of Flourtown

Shoppers for Flourtown real estate may often be curious about the origin of the town's name. Due to the close proximity to a the Wissahickon River as a ready water source, the town was an ideal spot for flour mill development during the 1800s. New arrivals looking for Flourtown homes for sale can also learn more about the area by visiting the Springfield Township Historical Society website. 

Attractions and Activities in Flourtown

Along with Flourtown properties, prospective new residents can find plenty of fun things to do in this community. Some favorite points of interest include the historic Evans-Mumbower Mill and Cisco's Bar and Grill. Visitors can find out further details on the Flourtown Tourism and Attractions web page. Some of the real estate in Flourtown retains the historical charm of this area of Pennsylvania.

Flourtown Parks and Recreation

The average Flourtown home buyer is often interested in the local parks and recreation facilities and offered activities. Locals can enjoy outdoor parks, youth sports leagues, fitness classes and hiking trails. Full details and locations are available on the Springfield Township Parks Department website.

A Flourtown real estate agent will help new residents get started with property searches in the local area. Each Flourtown realtor may list homes by square footage, price range, lot size, amenities, neighborhood and price range. Interested home buyers are encouraged to write down the property specifics important to them before getting in touch with a local real estate agent. This step will assist each realtor in matching buyers with available properties in Flourtown. The majority of local realtors can be contacted by either phone or email.

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